Primary 3 - 6 years


In our Primary classroom children from three to six years live and learn together in a prepared environment that offers choices of individual activities that aid the child’s work of “self construction.”

The Montessori teacher supports the children to choose freely, to stay focused, to think clearly and constructively, and to express themselves through language and the arts. Through the active development of the will and the satisfaction of their needs, the children become self-disciplined and socially cohesive.

Areas of activity of the primary level are practical life, sensorial exploration, language, mathematics, and cultural subjects. The extensive sets of Montessori materials in each of these areas are designed to appeal to the children’s interest and to inspire repeated activity.

The children’s absorbent minds take in vast amounts of information and grasp sophisticated relationships and principles wholly and effortlessly.
Over the three-year cycle, children develop expertise, become leaders of their community, and manage the social and practical affairs of their classroom.